Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Return of the spooky pumpkin

Halloween is almost upon and the stores are full of delicious pumpkins. Some big, some small, long, fat, skinny, tall, round, ribbed, smooth and even warty.

Many of the pumpkins you see will be used for creating spooky carvings with ghoulish faces at Halloween and the rest of the pumpkin will go to waste. However, there are many uses for this vegetable.

Pumpkins are also very nutritious and are full of calcium and fiber which has multiple health benefits.

Pumpkins also look great thanks to that attractive and vibrant orange that fits the autumn months ahead. This means that almost no part of the pumpkin goes to waste.

Another great part of the pumpkin are the seeds.  A prefect snack on the go. They are a healthy, delicious and nutritious snack thanks to their high mineral content and excellent protein source.

They can also be used as a new twist for your bar by replacing the common peanut. A great way to do that is to roast them. Here are some top methods for cooking with pumpkin...


A warming soup is perfect during the autumn and winter months as the temperature starts to drop and the winds picks up. A quick and simple way to accomplish this is to make it in a blender.


What you might not have known is that pumpkins can be used in all kind of cocktails and are perfect for the fall season as a seasonal themed drink. Why not try and infuse pumpkin into your classic cocktail by using a shaker.


Pumpkin seeds are one of the best parts of this vegetable and are so often thrown away. There are plenty of recipes out there for these seeds. Why not add them to your bread or add a pinch to your salad for that extra crunch and protein. Or simply toast them in a frying pan or grill in a baking tray and add a sprinkle of salt for your bar snack.


Pumpkins are still great for carving. All you need is a good knife and a steady hand to make some great designs that will spook your neighbors....

Friday, 24 October 2014

4 Ways to make your baked goods better

Excellent baking requires a skill and precision. There are many things that can improve our recipes and such as using timers, weighing the flour and using room temperature eggs all make a difference.

Follow these four simple steps to become a better baker.

1. Use Room-Temperature Ingredients

Many recipes state you you should use room temperate ingredients such as butter, eggs and milk.
This makes it a lot easier and gentler when creaming together butter and sugar.

2. Use good quality bake-ware
Roasting Dishes
Baking trays and sheet trays are a must. Using cheap quality trays may cause cake, pie, cookies, or pastries to bake inefficiently as they don't heat efficiently.Another important aspect is to use a top quality mixing bowl. Glass and metal are preferred as plastic coatings can peel and flake off over time.

3. Weigh Ingredients

A digital scale is an excellent way to ensure your weighing is precise. Successful baking requires little error and ensuring your measurements are exact. By adding too much or too little flower for example you can make your cake to dense, buttery, flakey and cakey.

4. Use Salt
Salt is one of the most important ingredients in baked goods. Although there inst too much, reducing or eliminating this ingredient can make your recipe taste completely different.
Salt isn't necessarily in a recipe to make it taste salty , it helps keep the taste from becoming too sweet and flat.

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Bake away! - The Great British Bake Off

As the great British bake off has hit our screens once again, many keen young bakers and chefs are back in the kitchens preparing those deliquesces that we all love (cake).

The show has become a national success and has made itself into one if Britain’s finest television shows.It's hardly surprising considering our nations love for food. At catering equipment centre we have a wide range of catering equipment to replicate some of the beautiful and disastrous creations that appear on the show.


Presentation is just as important. From small cafes to top restaurants, it is essential that your finished dishes look just as good as they taste. We supply a wide range of top quality serving tools and serving utensils sets to help you create a perfect finish.

Catering Equipment Centre stocks thousands of brands and catering equipment supplies. Why not have a look at some of our other products at http://www.cateringequipmentcentre.co.uk.

Monday, 15 September 2014

BBQ FSA warnings - Have a safe BBQ

The last few weeks of summer are upon us and the weather seems to promise a good amount of sunshine. In other words the perfect setting for a BBQ.However, a survey suggests that almost 545 of us are planning to take advantage of the
last BBQ of the season,

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) are concerned that the standard of cooking with food don't slip when cooking outside.
Here are the BBQ best practices;

Do not cross contaminate. To avoid this simple but dangerous problem use colour coded tongs, chopping boards and store your meat separately to vegetables and cooked meat.

Do not wash the chicken. Washing raw chicken actually increases the risk if contracting food posing from dangerous bacteria such as campylobacter.

Pre cook your food including meat and poultry. Cook raw met such as chicken breasts, burgrs and sausages in a conventional oven such as this Lynx 400 Convection Oven . This will ensure your food is coked through and all the bacteria have been killed off.

Check your meat. A char to the food or if the food looks cooked on the outside does not mean your food is cooked thoroughly. Check it but cutting into the meat and looking for clear juices and no signs of pink meat.

For your quick guide to planning a sizzling barbecue, please refer to the Food Standards Agency infographic for a safe success.

Commercial Ice Makers

Polar Mains Fill Ice Maker 20kg
Ensuring your restaurant kitchen has plenty of ice on hand is very important for the catering industry as it is used in almost everything. Drinks, cocktails, salad bars and any food that requires cooling. An ice machine is a necessity in any catering kitchen. By having one you will ensure you can handle the high volume of ice you are getting through each week. Not only that but they are far more efficient and cheaper in the long run than buying ice or making your own.
A good quality ice machine such as the Polar ice machines range are also a lot faster. They can make plenty of ice in shorter periods of time and can cope with the high demands. Also it can be a space saver for many kitchens who do not have the space in their freezers to store the all that ice. Therefore a compact and sturdy ice machine may just be the thing you need. 
They are very simple to use - plug in the machine, fill it , select the type of ice nugget and watch the ice pour out.
Have a look at out range of ice machines at cateringequipmentcentre.co.uk

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Back to School

With less than a week until many schools start heading back to school there are many things that need to be sorted and organized before the official school term starts. The catering equipment industry also faces some tough challenges. A new Children and Families act released this year has been placed on all of the state-funded schools across England. This includes academies and free schools. These schools will need to offer a free hot lunch to all pupils in year 1, year 2 and reception. This rule will come into place on the start of term in September 2014. This means it is imperative that your school or college is stocked with all the correct catering equipment. In order to offer a decent nutritional meal, having the correct equipment and faculties is a must for any school kitchen.

This new legislation states “Pupils will routinely be offered a hot meal option. Where schools are not in a position to offer hot options from September 2014, they should be working towards doing so as soon as possible”. This means that many schools and other academies will not have the right or sufficient amount of equipment to cater for the increase in volume of pupils now having school dinners. This has caused many head teachers and deputies to have to replace and expand their current range of catering equipment.

Catering Equipment Centre has an huge range of catering equipment supplies for all public and commercial locations. An obvious change that many schools will need to make is replacing or buying a new/larger oven to cope with the increase in meals. An oven is an important aspect in any kitchen especially one that is serving food on a daily basis for hundreds of kids and teens!

Our ranges of ovens are perfect for all and versatile for your school dinner schedule. The lincat & cuppone ovens provide excellent performance and are fan assisted thus reducing cooking times and providing optimum efficiency. They are perfect for big portions from cooking joints of meat to bread and pastries.
If you require some equipment for hob cooking then look no further than our Lincat Boiling tops. They are a great quality make and provide a comfortable cooking space with a durable surface that lasts and lasts.

However it shouldn't just be cooking equipment that you are replacing. You should think about serving tools. Have a look at our serving utensil sets too. They will help you to dish out your delicious food quickly and improve efficiency within the kitchen. We also have a large range of jugs and scoops which are prefect for measuring and handling the food safely. The spatulas and spoons are also handling for mixing and preparing your food.

Another important item that all schools need is fast food trays. They make transportation of meals much easier and safer. This also means less cleaning up at the end of the lunch break.

Catering equipment centre stocks thousands of brands and catering equipment supplies. Why not have a look at some of our other products at http://www.cateringequipmentcentre.co.uk.

Monday, 11 August 2014

Hundreds of offers in the Catering equipment Centre Sale

Massive savings to be had in the catering equipment clearance section. Save up to 70 % on some big brands including Churchill Whiteware and Steelite Simplicity.
Catering Equipment Clearance offersChurchill Windermere Jug was £7.89. now only  £4.74. For restaurant chefs and kitchens we have great deals on our Steelite range with many products reduced by up to %50.
for other dining establishments and italian restaurants we have a great deal on our Cuppone Pizza Oven. The Cuppone Pizza LLKTZ7202 comes with a twin deck and a stand included in the price.

There are plenty more great deals to be had so why not check out some of the other great offers the Catering Equipment Centre Clearance shop.

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Buzz Off!

Pests are a real issue for many catering establishments. Flies as many know are a nuisance but can also be a healthy and safety concern. Flies carry many diseases including serious diseases such as Campylobacter and E. coli which are a no no in any kitchen.RA1001 Fly Killer

Catering Equipment Centre has a range of fly killers will help to get your pest situation under control.

Commercial fly killers are a must have in any restaurant, diner or commercial premise. During these hot months they is an abundance of pests including the common house fly. If you run a commercial business that serves food to your customers than a fly killer will help to reduce the amount of pests in your kitchen and work area and eliminate food contamination.

How does it work?

The fly killer is made of two UV tubes that will simply zap the flies. Our entire fly killers are fitted with a catchment tray which allows for easy removal and disposal. This very basic piece of catering equipment does the job and is a necessity for many.

To view more fly killers and other pest control items, visit our pest control section at cateringequipmentcentre.co.uk
Many of our fly killers are also on offer too as part of our summer sale!

Catering Equipment centre supply a wide range of catering equipment . Established since 1958, we have a big reputation within the Catering Equipment industry. 
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Friday, 1 August 2014

Catering Equipment Centre Summer Sale

Summer is finally upon us and there are many reasons to be happy. The beautiful weather that we have enjoyed over the past several months is here to stay! If that weren’t enough to lift your mood then catering equipment centre has a massive summer sale event with many items also in their clearance.

Samsung 1100W Light Duty Microwave ManualThere are many savings to be had from bar supplies to refrigerators and microwaves. The catering equipment centre sale offers you a chance to stock up on your catering equipment at fantastic prices.

Among the hundreds of items that have been reduced are the Churchill whiteware crockery and gram freezers which are an excellent addition to any kitchen or catering establishment. Most of our Churchill crockery is reduced to clear meaning you can pick up a real bargain and all with free delivery on all orders over £60.
Polar Mains Fill Ice Maker 20kg

Also reduced as part of our clearance event are Polar ice machines which are perfect for these hot summer months. They are a great accessory for keeping your drinks cool and keeping you cool as well!

Catering Equipment centre supply a wide range of catering equipment . Established since 1958, we have a big reputation within the Catering Equipment industry. 
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Monday, 28 July 2014

How to cater for the commonwealth games

The international multi sports event of the common wealth games are upon us already (starting 23rd August until 3rd August). Already there are some top athletes and spectators arriving from around the world. This means many diners and spectators will be looking to eat out in local cafes and restaurants for the best grub. Many others will look for quick bites to eat as they stay for the games.

If you provide a takeaway service to your customers and provide sandwiches, subs salads or any other takeaway food then you will probably need some containers to store and serve the food in. catering equipment centre have a range of food containers and trays. These food trays are an excellent way to serve your salads whilst keeping them fresh.

Also our Kangabox insulate boxes are an excellent way to store your ingredients and keep them cool and fresh for weeks. They are available in all types of sizes and colours. These boxes will make an excellent addition to your kitchen.

If your restaurant or café provides offers a breakfast, lunch or dinner service then you will need to be able to cater for your customers by having the right catering equipment.

If you are looking to add a touch of class to your establishment then have a look at our Windsor cutlery. They are versatile and are available in various shapes and sizes meaning they can be used for all occasions. Another bonus is their durability. All of their range are shatterproof and are designed to be used again and again without staining.

We have an extensive collection of crockery including bowls, dipping dishes, platters, ramekins, cups, mugs and saucers.Please have a look at our cutlery and crockery section for more great offers.

Catering Equipment centre supply a wide range of catering equipment . Established since 1958, we have a big reputation within the Catering Equipment industry. 
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Friday, 20 June 2014

The world cup has arrived and the world has gone Brazil nuts!

beer glass summer football nisbetsThe world come has finally arrived and what a scorcher it is. The players, teams and fans are ready and everyone is excited to watch the beautiful game.

A good example is the beer glass which is ideal for all events. It is durable, sturdy and your best companion when watching the football.  All of our glasses are made from toughened and tempered glass so you can be sure that the glass won’t shatter and cause a hazard. Overall it is perfect for those crowded pubs and bars.

In the catering equipment industry however there is a lot of work to be done. Summer time and the world’s largest football tournament offer an opportunity for many businesses such as pubs, bars and restaurants to make money.  Every evening for a few weeks there will be a game where viewers can see the world’s greatest footballing nations competing for the famous cup. Whether you are a business planning to show every game or are just having a few friends round to watch the game, then catering equipment centre can help you to maximize your gains during the tournament and keep your customers and friends coming back to your store or home even after the game has come to a dramatic end.

Another essential item that you will need this summer is notice boards. These boards can be seen outside in just about any good pub. They are a great way of letting your customers know that you will be showing the games. They are also a good at promoting any special offers that you may be running at the same time. This could be a drink that is on offer or a happy hour. We stock a wide array of menus and boards that can be used to notify your customers of your current offers during the footballing event.However, if you require a more sophisticated setting for the games then catering equipment centre can help.

Have a look at our luxurious glassware. They are perfect for the games. And you never know if England does make it to the final, a glass of champagne or a nice cool bear may just be the best way to celebrate….

Catering Equipment centre supply a wide range of catering equipment . Established since 1958, we have a big reputation within the Catering Equipment industry. 
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Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Catering Equipment – Energy Saving

Energy efficiency is not a very important factor to most when purchasing catering equipment.  However, this equipment still uses large amounts of energy especially the larger appliances such as ovens, grills and other kitchen appliances.  At the moment there are currently no industry standards which apply to energy efficiency for caterers. Therefore it is the caterer’s responsibility to make educated guesses as to what equipment to use and when to use it. There is no way at the current moment to make a comparison between competing catering equipment.

New research carried out by carbon trust has estimated that catering companies can save up to 250 million pounds each year. This is due to companies using inefficient equipment and altering their menus to save more on their energy bills.

“Sector can significantly reduce costs and carbon impact by using more efficient equipment and changing behaviors”, says Carbon Trust

One method of making more energy saving choices is to purchase more energy-efficient equipment thus reducing your carbon footprint and retaining capital which would otherwise be wasted on unneeded energy. Simply replacing refrigerators with Energy Technology List standard models would produce annual savings of £13m and 56,000 tonnes of CO2 nationwide.

Another way to cut down energy costs is to train staff how to use their cooking and dish-washing more efficiently and effectively. Carbon trust has said this can reduce costs by £35m and cut 173,000 tonnes of CO2 per year.

So think again when purchasing catering equipment and appliances and make sure that if you are purchasing second hand catering equipment that they are energy efficient choices as it can cost you more in the long run if they aren't. 

BBQ – The secret to Success

Without the right BBQ equipment and utensils it is almost impossible to deliver a successful ‘alfresco’ experience that a great BBQ offers.
Carrying out a BBQ can be a hectic experience for a family or a friendly gathering especially when you are ill prepared and lack to proper Kitchen and BBQ equipment. At first the idea of having a BBQ may seem pleasant. The thought of a big juicy burger or steak may bring your mouth to drool uncontrollably.
However, cateringequipmentcentre.co.uk can help take the stress away. They have a large array of cateringand kitchen supplies that will make cooking and serving the great grilled food an ease.
The grill
Arguably the most important equipment needed for a BBQ, it is essential that you choose a top grill the get the best out of your food.  Lincat Grills offer a great range of grills which are perfect for a summer BBQ. Large enough to cook your several steaks, they are the ultimate meat grilling machine when it comes to cooking for meats.

The cooking equipment and utensils are another important item needed for your BBQ.
Using tongs and a good quality BBQ fork (for turning the food) will improve handling of your grilled meat and keeps you at a safe distance. All of these items can be purchased at cateringequipmentcentre,co.uk. Make sure you purchase  good quality kitchen utensils from a supplier you can trust.

Top BBQ tips (and tricks!)

I am now going to offer a few good tips which I have learnt from my many years of BBQ’s.

Reduce the amount of juices running out of your food. It keeps the food juicy and tasty.  Always flip your meat or vegetables using tongs or a spatula, rather than a fork. Limit these items to one flip each when grilling.
Do not press down on burgers, steaks or chicken with a spatula whilst they’re grilling! This will cause the juices to run out losing the great taste of the meat.

If you like a strong smoke flavor with your BBQ then try soaking some wood chips such as hickory or oak and then putting them on your charcoal. This will release some of those beautiful flavors from the wood.
If you like infusing your food with herbs and seasoning then quickly toss the herbs onto the charcoal when grilling. Or alternatively you can grate them on top of your food before putting them on the grill.When basting your meat and vegetables always do it at the last minute. This way the sugars in it won’t burn.

Catering Equipment centre supply a wide range of catering equipment . Established since 1958, we have a big reputation within the Catering Equipment industry.

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Tuesday, 3 June 2014

How can I get 7 portions of fruit and veg a day?

A new campaign has just been released expressing that the average uk citizen should consume 7 portions of fruit and vegetables a day as opposed to the standard 5 portions. The BBC news have said “7 a day fruit and veg 'saves lives’”. Research has suggested that adults can live a further 7.7 years by simply just eating 7 portions of fruit and vegetables a day instead of just five. This is very enticing research.
Most of us struggle to reach that 5 portions a day so how can we manage that ever growing number of fruit and vegetables.

It can be hard to pack all of the recommended servings into one ay especially when you have a demanding job or are eating out for your lunch and dinner. Many nutritionists are saying we should all be eating more plant based food more than animal based products but let’s face it vegetables can get very boring. The sound of a vegetable laden main dish may seem dull and uninteresting. But fear not as there are some very creative and fun ways to get to seven portions a day.

There are many ways you can fit in your portions without even knowing that you are eating them. Juicers and blenders are a great way of making healthy, nutritious and delicious smoothies and juices without forcing them down.

Why not try a delicious and refreshing smoothie at home. It will cost you very little and is very satisfying. I can promise you that you won’t feel guilty at all and are still getting the great taste.

By using a simple juicer or a top quality blender you can make those unappealing vegetables lying around at the bottom of your fridge into a delicious and nutritious smoothie. You need to ensure that you are using a quality blender from an authorised kitchen equipment supplier. Catering equipment centre have a wide range of blenders to make those dreams a reality.

There are also many benefits to juicing your vegetables. I am going to list the many benefits of eating vegetables and why you should be incorporating vegetable and fruit juicing into your health program:
Vegetables are obviously good for us by juicing the vegetables helps you to absorb all the nutrients even better. This is due to the fact that most of us have impaired digestion as a result of our less healthy food choices over many years. This prevents your body's ability to absorb all the nutrients from the vegetables.
Juicing them also allows you to consume a good portion of vegetables in one go. manner. A lot of people may find eating that many vegetables difficult, but it can be easily accomplished with a tall and nutritious glass of vegetable juice.

It also allows you to incorporate a wider range of fruit and vegetables into your diet. Many people tend to eat the same fruit and vegetables each day such as salad and the common banana and orange. However, juicing means you can try out other vegetables that may seem to exotic and even tricky to eat.

For quality catering equipment supplies head to catering equipment centre. They offer an impressive range of juicers and blenders to make your healthy and delicious smoothies and juices.

How to offer a great cocktail

Whether you are a bar, restaurant, a fancy pub or even a homeowner looking to impress your friends with your home bar, then you must be able to provide a good cocktail.

At first making a cocktail may seem tricky as you may think getting the mixtures right takes skill that only well trained and skilled bartenders are capable of.

However, you can make a great cocktail by simply having the right ingredients and the right catering equipment.

All you need are the following:

  • A cocktail shaker
  • Mixer
  • Bar EquipmentIngredients to make your cocktail

Choose a type of spirit that you want to use in your cocktail.      
  • Vodka
  • Gin
  • Cachaça
  • Neutral Grain Spirit
  • Soju

The types of whiskey include:
  • Bourbon
  • Scotch
  • Rye

Get a good sturdy and well-made cocktail shaker. In order to combine your ingredients together, you are definitely going to need a cocktail shaker. Chose a good vendor who specialises in bar supplies

Poor all the ingredients into your new cocktail shaker and and shake vigorously, this can take anywhere from 10 to 20 seconds( tip make sure the shaker is very cold). This Vigorous shaking will ensure all the ingredients have blended nicely together ensuring you aren’t getting an overwhelming amount of fruit juice or alcohol.

The next step is pouring the drink out. (Make sure you have the right glasses.)

It may be time to invest in new bar equipment especially cocktail glasses. Presentation is an important factor for a good cocktail just as it is for food.  A demure coupe glass or chiselled tumbler makes all the difference when making the ‘world’s best cocktail. Make sure you find a good bar supplier.

The garnish of the cocktail is also a very important factor. It brings the whole drink together and gives the drink that classy and professional look. To get the garnish just right you can use lime or lemon peel. To get that professional look why not try a bonzer twist blade for cocktails. Using the twist blade by bonzer will help you to get that professional garnish.

Tip: Remember to use chilled glassware

Catering Equipment centre supply a wide range of catering equipment . Established since 1958, we have a big reputation within the Catering Equipment industry.