Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Bake away! - The Great British Bake Off

As the great British bake off has hit our screens once again, many keen young bakers and chefs are back in the kitchens preparing those deliquesces that we all love (cake).

The show has become a national success and has made itself into one if Britain’s finest television shows.It's hardly surprising considering our nations love for food. At catering equipment centre we have a wide range of catering equipment to replicate some of the beautiful and disastrous creations that appear on the show.


Presentation is just as important. From small cafes to top restaurants, it is essential that your finished dishes look just as good as they taste. We supply a wide range of top quality serving tools and serving utensils sets to help you create a perfect finish.

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Monday, 15 September 2014

BBQ FSA warnings - Have a safe BBQ

The last few weeks of summer are upon us and the weather seems to promise a good amount of sunshine. In other words the perfect setting for a BBQ.However, a survey suggests that almost 545 of us are planning to take advantage of the
last BBQ of the season,

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) are concerned that the standard of cooking with food don't slip when cooking outside.
Here are the BBQ best practices;

Do not cross contaminate. To avoid this simple but dangerous problem use colour coded tongs, chopping boards and store your meat separately to vegetables and cooked meat.

Do not wash the chicken. Washing raw chicken actually increases the risk if contracting food posing from dangerous bacteria such as campylobacter.

Pre cook your food including meat and poultry. Cook raw met such as chicken breasts, burgrs and sausages in a conventional oven such as this Lynx 400 Convection Oven . This will ensure your food is coked through and all the bacteria have been killed off.

Check your meat. A char to the food or if the food looks cooked on the outside does not mean your food is cooked thoroughly. Check it but cutting into the meat and looking for clear juices and no signs of pink meat.

For your quick guide to planning a sizzling barbecue, please refer to the Food Standards Agency infographic for a safe success.

Commercial Ice Makers

Polar Mains Fill Ice Maker 20kg
Ensuring your restaurant kitchen has plenty of ice on hand is very important for the catering industry as it is used in almost everything. Drinks, cocktails, salad bars and any food that requires cooling. An ice machine is a necessity in any catering kitchen. By having one you will ensure you can handle the high volume of ice you are getting through each week. Not only that but they are far more efficient and cheaper in the long run than buying ice or making your own.
A good quality ice machine such as the Polar ice machines range are also a lot faster. They can make plenty of ice in shorter periods of time and can cope with the high demands. Also it can be a space saver for many kitchens who do not have the space in their freezers to store the all that ice. Therefore a compact and sturdy ice machine may just be the thing you need. 
They are very simple to use - plug in the machine, fill it , select the type of ice nugget and watch the ice pour out.
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