Monday, 15 September 2014

Commercial Ice Makers

Polar Mains Fill Ice Maker 20kg
Ensuring your restaurant kitchen has plenty of ice on hand is very important for the catering industry as it is used in almost everything. Drinks, cocktails, salad bars and any food that requires cooling. An ice machine is a necessity in any catering kitchen. By having one you will ensure you can handle the high volume of ice you are getting through each week. Not only that but they are far more efficient and cheaper in the long run than buying ice or making your own.
A good quality ice machine such as the Polar ice machines range are also a lot faster. They can make plenty of ice in shorter periods of time and can cope with the high demands. Also it can be a space saver for many kitchens who do not have the space in their freezers to store the all that ice. Therefore a compact and sturdy ice machine may just be the thing you need. 
They are very simple to use - plug in the machine, fill it , select the type of ice nugget and watch the ice pour out.
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