Monday, 28 July 2014

How to cater for the commonwealth games

The international multi sports event of the common wealth games are upon us already (starting 23rd August until 3rd August). Already there are some top athletes and spectators arriving from around the world. This means many diners and spectators will be looking to eat out in local cafes and restaurants for the best grub. Many others will look for quick bites to eat as they stay for the games.

If you provide a takeaway service to your customers and provide sandwiches, subs salads or any other takeaway food then you will probably need some containers to store and serve the food in. catering equipment centre have a range of food containers and trays. These food trays are an excellent way to serve your salads whilst keeping them fresh.

Also our Kangabox insulate boxes are an excellent way to store your ingredients and keep them cool and fresh for weeks. They are available in all types of sizes and colours. These boxes will make an excellent addition to your kitchen.

If your restaurant or café provides offers a breakfast, lunch or dinner service then you will need to be able to cater for your customers by having the right catering equipment.

If you are looking to add a touch of class to your establishment then have a look at our Windsor cutlery. They are versatile and are available in various shapes and sizes meaning they can be used for all occasions. Another bonus is their durability. All of their range are shatterproof and are designed to be used again and again without staining.

We have an extensive collection of crockery including bowls, dipping dishes, platters, ramekins, cups, mugs and saucers.Please have a look at our cutlery and crockery section for more great offers.

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