Friday, 20 June 2014

The world cup has arrived and the world has gone Brazil nuts!

beer glass summer football nisbetsThe world come has finally arrived and what a scorcher it is. The players, teams and fans are ready and everyone is excited to watch the beautiful game.

A good example is the beer glass which is ideal for all events. It is durable, sturdy and your best companion when watching the football.  All of our glasses are made from toughened and tempered glass so you can be sure that the glass won’t shatter and cause a hazard. Overall it is perfect for those crowded pubs and bars.

In the catering equipment industry however there is a lot of work to be done. Summer time and the world’s largest football tournament offer an opportunity for many businesses such as pubs, bars and restaurants to make money.  Every evening for a few weeks there will be a game where viewers can see the world’s greatest footballing nations competing for the famous cup. Whether you are a business planning to show every game or are just having a few friends round to watch the game, then catering equipment centre can help you to maximize your gains during the tournament and keep your customers and friends coming back to your store or home even after the game has come to a dramatic end.

Another essential item that you will need this summer is notice boards. These boards can be seen outside in just about any good pub. They are a great way of letting your customers know that you will be showing the games. They are also a good at promoting any special offers that you may be running at the same time. This could be a drink that is on offer or a happy hour. We stock a wide array of menus and boards that can be used to notify your customers of your current offers during the footballing event.However, if you require a more sophisticated setting for the games then catering equipment centre can help.

Have a look at our luxurious glassware. They are perfect for the games. And you never know if England does make it to the final, a glass of champagne or a nice cool bear may just be the best way to celebrate….

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