Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Back to School

With less than a week until many schools start heading back to school there are many things that need to be sorted and organized before the official school term starts. The catering equipment industry also faces some tough challenges. A new Children and Families act released this year has been placed on all of the state-funded schools across England. This includes academies and free schools. These schools will need to offer a free hot lunch to all pupils in year 1, year 2 and reception. This rule will come into place on the start of term in September 2014. This means it is imperative that your school or college is stocked with all the correct catering equipment. In order to offer a decent nutritional meal, having the correct equipment and faculties is a must for any school kitchen.

This new legislation states “Pupils will routinely be offered a hot meal option. Where schools are not in a position to offer hot options from September 2014, they should be working towards doing so as soon as possible”. This means that many schools and other academies will not have the right or sufficient amount of equipment to cater for the increase in volume of pupils now having school dinners. This has caused many head teachers and deputies to have to replace and expand their current range of catering equipment.

Catering Equipment Centre has an huge range of catering equipment supplies for all public and commercial locations. An obvious change that many schools will need to make is replacing or buying a new/larger oven to cope with the increase in meals. An oven is an important aspect in any kitchen especially one that is serving food on a daily basis for hundreds of kids and teens!

Our ranges of ovens are perfect for all and versatile for your school dinner schedule. The lincat & cuppone ovens provide excellent performance and are fan assisted thus reducing cooking times and providing optimum efficiency. They are perfect for big portions from cooking joints of meat to bread and pastries.
If you require some equipment for hob cooking then look no further than our Lincat Boiling tops. They are a great quality make and provide a comfortable cooking space with a durable surface that lasts and lasts.

However it shouldn't just be cooking equipment that you are replacing. You should think about serving tools. Have a look at our serving utensil sets too. They will help you to dish out your delicious food quickly and improve efficiency within the kitchen. We also have a large range of jugs and scoops which are prefect for measuring and handling the food safely. The spatulas and spoons are also handling for mixing and preparing your food.

Another important item that all schools need is fast food trays. They make transportation of meals much easier and safer. This also means less cleaning up at the end of the lunch break.

Catering equipment centre stocks thousands of brands and catering equipment supplies. Why not have a look at some of our other products at

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