Wednesday, 4 June 2014

BBQ – The secret to Success

Without the right BBQ equipment and utensils it is almost impossible to deliver a successful ‘alfresco’ experience that a great BBQ offers.
Carrying out a BBQ can be a hectic experience for a family or a friendly gathering especially when you are ill prepared and lack to proper Kitchen and BBQ equipment. At first the idea of having a BBQ may seem pleasant. The thought of a big juicy burger or steak may bring your mouth to drool uncontrollably.
However, can help take the stress away. They have a large array of cateringand kitchen supplies that will make cooking and serving the great grilled food an ease.
The grill
Arguably the most important equipment needed for a BBQ, it is essential that you choose a top grill the get the best out of your food.  Lincat Grills offer a great range of grills which are perfect for a summer BBQ. Large enough to cook your several steaks, they are the ultimate meat grilling machine when it comes to cooking for meats.

The cooking equipment and utensils are another important item needed for your BBQ.
Using tongs and a good quality BBQ fork (for turning the food) will improve handling of your grilled meat and keeps you at a safe distance. All of these items can be purchased at cateringequipmentcentre, Make sure you purchase  good quality kitchen utensils from a supplier you can trust.

Top BBQ tips (and tricks!)

I am now going to offer a few good tips which I have learnt from my many years of BBQ’s.

Reduce the amount of juices running out of your food. It keeps the food juicy and tasty.  Always flip your meat or vegetables using tongs or a spatula, rather than a fork. Limit these items to one flip each when grilling.
Do not press down on burgers, steaks or chicken with a spatula whilst they’re grilling! This will cause the juices to run out losing the great taste of the meat.

If you like a strong smoke flavor with your BBQ then try soaking some wood chips such as hickory or oak and then putting them on your charcoal. This will release some of those beautiful flavors from the wood.
If you like infusing your food with herbs and seasoning then quickly toss the herbs onto the charcoal when grilling. Or alternatively you can grate them on top of your food before putting them on the grill.When basting your meat and vegetables always do it at the last minute. This way the sugars in it won’t burn.

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