Tuesday, 3 June 2014

How can I get 7 portions of fruit and veg a day?

A new campaign has just been released expressing that the average uk citizen should consume 7 portions of fruit and vegetables a day as opposed to the standard 5 portions. The BBC news have said “7 a day fruit and veg 'saves lives’”. Research has suggested that adults can live a further 7.7 years by simply just eating 7 portions of fruit and vegetables a day instead of just five. This is very enticing research.
Most of us struggle to reach that 5 portions a day so how can we manage that ever growing number of fruit and vegetables.

It can be hard to pack all of the recommended servings into one ay especially when you have a demanding job or are eating out for your lunch and dinner. Many nutritionists are saying we should all be eating more plant based food more than animal based products but let’s face it vegetables can get very boring. The sound of a vegetable laden main dish may seem dull and uninteresting. But fear not as there are some very creative and fun ways to get to seven portions a day.

There are many ways you can fit in your portions without even knowing that you are eating them. Juicers and blenders are a great way of making healthy, nutritious and delicious smoothies and juices without forcing them down.

Why not try a delicious and refreshing smoothie at home. It will cost you very little and is very satisfying. I can promise you that you won’t feel guilty at all and are still getting the great taste.

By using a simple juicer or a top quality blender you can make those unappealing vegetables lying around at the bottom of your fridge into a delicious and nutritious smoothie. You need to ensure that you are using a quality blender from an authorised kitchen equipment supplier. Catering equipment centre have a wide range of blenders to make those dreams a reality.

There are also many benefits to juicing your vegetables. I am going to list the many benefits of eating vegetables and why you should be incorporating vegetable and fruit juicing into your health program:
Vegetables are obviously good for us by juicing the vegetables helps you to absorb all the nutrients even better. This is due to the fact that most of us have impaired digestion as a result of our less healthy food choices over many years. This prevents your body's ability to absorb all the nutrients from the vegetables.
Juicing them also allows you to consume a good portion of vegetables in one go. manner. A lot of people may find eating that many vegetables difficult, but it can be easily accomplished with a tall and nutritious glass of vegetable juice.

It also allows you to incorporate a wider range of fruit and vegetables into your diet. Many people tend to eat the same fruit and vegetables each day such as salad and the common banana and orange. However, juicing means you can try out other vegetables that may seem to exotic and even tricky to eat.

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